Develop cloud native solutions Nodejs Spring Quarkus React Angular Kubernetes Terraform Kotlin

Develop cloud native solutions Nodejs Spring Quarkus React Angular K8s Terraform Flutter


Best quality value for customer, and time to market is our top priority.

Infrastructure as a Code

We believe in infrastructure as a code. Our team will help you with management of your cloud infrastructure, or even help you to  migrate your existing one to cloud utilizing cutting edge technology.

Best Software Developers

We are passionate developers, learning from each other over the years. 

About us

Excellence is a habit

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Our Backend Stack

Our team over years developed backend skills in high demand. 

✔  Selecting proper technology for your needs.

✔  Quick prototyping

✔ Quality code


Realtime Application & Fast REST apis.

We develop blazing fast real time applications, and REST apis. Performance and quality matters to us! 


Our frontend stack

 We primarily have experience with Angulrar and React. But we are not afraid of challenges. We are experimenting with things like Flutter, Kotlin and other cutting edge technologies. 


Beautiful and responsive design

In era of ever growing amount of mobile devices, you cant limit yourself only to web application. Mobile first application is one of the keys for reaching bigger audience, and provide them with convenient access to your product

Our cloud stack

Modern infrastructure transformation start in a cloud

✔  Production experience with major cloud providers

✔  Design from scratch

✔ Monitoring and bottlenecks diagnosis


Why You Should Use a container orchestration and IaC

A lot of companies, still are using custom or On-Premis solutions for hosting their infrastructure. This is maintable till some point, after which costs are growing, or it prevents rapid and seamless scalability.  

✔  Join other companies which decided to move to cloud, entering modern era of

✔  Make your entire infrastructure recreatable and reusable quickly.

✔ Create new environments on demand for example from feature branches.

✔ Utilise cloud provider capabilities to it’s maximum

Our ambitions

We are ambitious team, and we want to grow by next year

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Industires we worked for

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